Enlightenment Projects



Enlightenment Projects

The Berlin-Oxford Enlightenment Hub

Monday 30 September



14:00-15:30     Networks and Networking

(The Barn, St John’s College)



Chair: Nicholas Cronk (French/Voltaire Foundation, Oxford)



Daniel Zimmer (German, HU): Enlightenment at Court. Anglo-German Relations

Catriona Seth (French, Oxford): Personal Correspondences

Martin Urmann (French, FU): Prize Contests as Media of Knowledge in the French

Academies from 1670

Howard Hotson (History, Oxford): Prospects for Networking the Republic of Letters




16:00-18:00     Writing the Enlightenment(s): a roundtable discussion

(St John’s College Auditorium, Garden Quad)



Chair: Karen O’Brien (Head of Humanities, Oxford)



Discussants: Steffen Martus (German, HU), Stefanie Stockhorst (German, Potsdam), Ritchie Robertson (German, Oxford), Andrew Kahn (Russian, Oxford); this event will be in English and German



18:15                Drinks Reception

(St John’s College Auditorium, Garden Quad)




Tuesday 1 October



9:00-10:30      Genres and Media  

(The Barn, St John’s College)



Chair: Kathryn Murphy (English, Oxford)



Anita Traninger (French, FU): Competing Communities: Debating the Enlightenment

Roman Kuhn (French, FU): Enlightening Classicism: Generic and Temporal


Friederike Günther (German, FU): Competition between image and sound in the early

18th century

Claudia Olk (English, LMU): Shakespeare in eighteenth-century German Criticism



11:00-12:30      Critique & Controversy 

(The Barn, St John’s College)



Chair: Avi Lifschitz (History, Oxford)



Brian Young (History, Oxford): Christians and Unbelievers in Enlightenment England

Stefan Willer (German, HU), Enlightened Eschatology

Kevin Hilliard (German, Oxford), Polemical Theology (Pro and Contra)

Caroline Warman (French, Oxford): Diderot's Eléments de physiologie between

physiology and philosophy

Matthias Pohlig (History, HU): Apocalypticism and Enlightenment




15:00-16:30     Practices of Enlightenments I  

(The Barn, St John’s College)



Chair: Barry Murnane (German, Oxford)



Mark-Georg Dehrmann (German, HU): Enlightening the Arts and Crafts: The Example

of Printers’ Manuals

Stefanie Stockhorst (German, Potsdam): Equitation for the Public Sphere: Disclosure

and Concealment of Practical Knowledge in 18th-Century Riding Manuals

Steffen Martus/Charlotte Kurbjuhn (German, HU): Doing Aesthetics

David Taylor (English, Oxford): Visual Thinking and Thinking the Visual in Eighteenth-

Century Theatre




17:00-18:30     Practices of Enlightenment II 

(The Barn, St John’s College)



Chair: Barry Murnane (German, Oxford)



Erica Charters (History, Oxford): War, Knowledge, and Enlightenment

Giora Sternberg (History, Oxford): Writing Acts: The Power of Writing in the Ancien


Helga Schwalm (English, HU): Embedded Lives: Enlightenment Dictionaries, Small

Biographies in Interaction, and Biographical Knowledge

Marie-Theres Federhofer (Scandinavian, HU), Patient’s Participation: Illness

Narratives and Medical Knowledge


Wednesday 2nd October  



9:00-10:30      Legacies of Enlightenment

(The Barn, St John’s College)



Chair: Howard Hotson (History, Oxford)



Paul Lodge (Philosophy, Oxford): Leibniz’s Philosophy as a Way of Life?

Ritchie Robertson (German, Oxford): Representative or Revolutionary Democracy:

Madison or Paine?

Jessica Goodman (French, Oxford): Self-Projection in Mercier’s l’An 2440

Nicholas Cronk (French/Voltaire Foundation, Oxford): Digitizing Enlightenment





FU: Freie Universität, Berlin

HU: Humboldt-Universität, Berlin






Generously supported and hosted by:


The Oxford-Berlin Partnership

TORCH: The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities

The Voltaire Foundation, Oxford

St John’s College, Oxford