ERC Workshop in Medieval Intellectual History

erc workshop in medieval intellectual history

An ERC workshop in Medieval Intellectual History.


Session 1: Universities in the Middle Ages

  1. Deborah Grice (University of Oxford): The 1241 Condemnation at the University of Paris
  2. Luciana Cioca (University in Cluj-Napoca): From inceptor to magister: an academic journey
  3. Ioana Curut (University in Cluj-Napoca): Philosophy, Theology and Anti-Judaism at the University of Vienna

Session 2: Intellectual Currents in the Medieval University

  1. Gustav Zamore (University of Oxford): Conceptual Change in Medieval Psychology: The Case of Synderesis
  2. Simon Kopf (University of Oxford): The Role of the Divine Will in Aquinas’ Doctrine of Providence
  3. Amy Ebry (University of Oxford): Perfection and the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy in the Secular-Mendicant Controversy (c.1252-72)

Session 3: Medieval Religion

  1. Arianna Brunori (University in Pisa, Italy): Augustine's De civitate Dei in Dante and in the 14th century political debate
  2. Nicholas Fauchet: Faith
  3. Audrey Southgate (University of Oxford): The Wycliffites and the Real Presence of Christ in the Scriptures and in the Church
  4. Bernhard Hollick (University of Cologne): John Wyclif and the Classicizing Sermon

Session 4: Francis and Franciscans  1. John Renner (Courtauld) –  Bonaventure and Francis of Assisi: Art, Theology and Propoganda in the Thirteenth Century:

  1. Tom Savage (King's College London): Francis of Assisi and Humility
  2. Dominic Abbott (University in Leuven, Belgium): Reading John Duns Scotus (1266-1308) as a Franciscan in a contemporary context
  3. Emilie Lavallée (University of Oxford): Contests and Sweet Disputes: Counsel, Admonition, and Debate in the Correspondence of Adam Marsh
  4. Ziang Chen (University college in Paris, France)Gerard Odonis and his Sententia et expositio super libros ethicorum Aristotelis 


This will be followed by a session on applying for postdocs in the humanities on 23 March 10:00am-12:00pm.

Lunch will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.


Oxford Medieval Studies

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Audience: Open to all