Exploring the Two Cultures

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Larry Squire: ‘Conscious and Unconscious Memory Systems of the Mammalian Brain’
Distinguished Professor Larry Squire (UCSD), whose pioneering work established the distinction between conscious and unconscious memory, will discuss the structure and organization of memory.

Simon Kemp: 'Unconscious Memory from Proust to the Present'
Dr Simon Kemp (Somerville, Oxford), will explore how memory and the unconscious intertwine in literature from Proust to the contemporary novel, and consider what light might be shed by new perspectives on the nature and functioning of unconscious memory offered by cognitive neuroscience.

All 'Unconscious Memory' seminars will take place in the Seminar Room, Radcliffe Humanities Building, Woodstock Road unless stated otherwise. Papers will be presented consecutively (4:30-6:00) followed by drinks and discussion (6:00-6:45). Please email sowon.park@ell.ox.ac.uk to guarantee a seat but we expect that there will be a number of seats available on the day. You are welcome to join the speaker for dinner afterwards but please email ahead.


Unconscious Memory

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