Famous and Forgotten: Gillray's World

gilray 2

The Ashmolean University Engagement Programme presents two free study days, presenting a series of cross-disciplinary talks which draw connections between the Ashmolean's collections and academic research in the humanities. Spaces are limited, so please email public.engagement@ashmus.ox.ac.uk to reserve a space.


Session 1 (1.30-2.30)

Dr Susan Valladares: The other woman: Gillray’s actresses and adulteresses

Hazel Tubman: Pockets, the public and the private in the eighteenth century

Dr Ruth Scobie: A New Pantheon: How to spot a celebrity in Georgian Britain


Session 2 (2.45-3.45)

Dr John Moores: Gillray and the French Revolution

Caitlin Gale: The Importance of Pirates: the short and long term effects of 1798 and 1808 to the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic War

Emily Knight: Reading faces: Physiognomy in Gillray's caricatures


3.45-5 - Get the chance to chat to the speakers in the Gillray exhibition


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Contact email: public.engagement@ashmus.ox.ac.uk
Audience: Open to all