Feminist Futures: Looking Forward

A fist rising up through a feminist logo of a round circle with a cross underneath set against a blue background
Join us in conversation with Dr. Alia Al-Saji (McGill), Katherine Behar (Baruch College/CUNY), Levi Hord (Columbia), and Shaista Aziz (Oxford Anti-Racist City) on the topic of "Feminist Futures: Looking Forward". 
In this event we will explore various competing conceptions of feminist revolution and consider how different theorists see feminism progressing over time (actually and ideally). This will include discussions of how emerging technologies relate to feminist discourse, where modern-day feminist aims sit on a historical trajectory, and the steps that must be taken to promote a truly intersectional and inclusive feminism. We will also consider potential problems with this kind of feminist emphasis on futurity. 
The breadth and level of expertise of this panel promises a diverse and nuanced discussion, with something to interest all. Whether you are well-versed in contemporary feminist debates and want to understand what the future of feminism might look like, or you are entirely new to the area--this event is for you. Our conversation will be followed by time for questions and discussion.
The event will be hosted by Scarlett Whelan (people for womxn* in philosophy) and Mori Reithmayr (Oxford Queer Studies Network), and is a collaboration of these two networks. It forms part of people for womxn* in philosophy's lecture series on "Theories of (Non)violent Revolutions". This series aims to address publicly and commonly entertained contradictions in the revolutionary topic of each panel and engage us all in critical enquiry. pwip's broader concern covers the violence inflicted by uncritical thought and how (non)violence is spoken about and enacted surrounding revolutions and revolutionary thought.
All are welcome to attend, whether or not you are affiliated with the University of Oxford. If you have any questions or further access requirements, please contact us at queerstudies@torch.ox.ac.uk