Here and Now vol. II | Book Launch

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Part of the Queer Intersections Oxford Events

Wednesday 8 May 2024, 5pm (BST), 12pm (EST)

Online -  Please sign up here.


Please join Queer Intersections Oxford for the book launch of Here and Now 2: An Anthology of Queer Italian-Canadian Writing with editors Licia Canton, Paolo Frascà (University of Toronto), Mirko Casagranda (University of Calabria) and authors Julian A M.P., Liana Cusmano, and Christopher Sisca. 

The first volume was described as “a milestone in Italian-Canadian studies and Canadian literature,” as it included short stories, poems, memoirs, excerpts of novels, plays and film scripts in English. Undoubtedly, the second volume will similarly take readers on a journey that interweaves private and public spaces, eliciting love and anger, laughter and tears.


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