Heritage and its Audiences

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This two-hour workshop will introduce graduate students and ECRs to the variety of audiences that consume heritage in the UK. These audiences have different interests and expectations, and connect with academic research in different ways. The expert speakers will reflect on the challenges and opportunities of working with multiple audiences.


  • Dr Oliver Cox (Heritage Engagement Fellow, University of Oxford).
  • Jess McGurk (Head of Learning & Visitor Engagement, The National Trust): The National Trust and its Audiences.
  • Dr Darren Clarke (Head of Collections, Research & Exhibitions, The Charleston Trust): Independent Museums and their Audiences.
  • Anne Fletcher (Director, Fletcher Techman Consulting Ltd): Understanding Your Audience.

This is part of the Heritage Pathway series at TORCH. Booking details: https://bookwhen.com/heritage

13/10/2019 08:44:13
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