Historical Perspectives on the Environment; Environmental Perspectives on History

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A roundtable discussion with John R. McNeill (Georgetown University), Professor James Belich (University of Oxford), William Beinart (University of Oxford) & Thomas F. Thornton (University of Oxford).

At this roundtable, organised in conjunction with Prof John McNeill’s 8 May Astor Lecture on ecological factors in the historical development of North America, four leading scholars will discuss how historical methods can be applied to the study of the environment and how environmental themes and issues can be brought more fully into the study of history.  McNeill, Beinart, Belich, and Thornton will draw on their extensive experience investigating historical and environmental topics in the Americas, Africa, and Oceania, to offer insights into the ways in which scholars can benefit from a more interdisciplinary approach to understanding the environment.

This event is made possible by the University of Oxford’s Astor Travel Fund and is co-sponsored by the Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities (TORCH); the Environmental Change Institute (ECI), School of Geography and the Environment; and the North American Studies Programme, St Antony’s College.

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Environmental Humanities

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