Hope and Fear at Crossbones Graveyard

oxford hope and fear at crossbones graveyard

For 20 years, Southwark playwright and urban shaman John Constable has performed rituals at Crossbones, a burial ground for paupers and medieval sex workers. During this event, Constable will discuss his work with Professor Sondra Hausner, author of The Spirits of Crossbones Graveyard.

The event begins with Constable and Hausner in conversation, exploring the social, political and religious aspects of a work that has transformed the once desolate site into a shared space of hope (17.00, booking required).

The discussion is followed by a vigil, complete with an anthropologist’s intervention (19.00, no booking required).

The vigil marks the 20th anniversary of the vision that inspired Constable’s The Southwark Mysteries and the establishment of the Crossbones shrine and garden.