Humanities Cultural Programme - Project Funding Call

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Humanities Cultural Programme - Project Funding Call



- Current call (3rd call) open: 13th December 2019 
- Deadline for current call: 13th January 2020 


- 4th call to open: 14th January 2020
- Deadline for 4th call: 5th February 2020


- 5th call to open: 6th February 2020
- Deadline for 5th call: 4th March 2020


- 6th call to open: 5th March 2020
- Deadline for 6th call: 23rd April 2020


- 7th call to open: 24th April 2020
- Deadline for 7th call: 14 May 2020


- 8th call to open: 15th May 2020
- Deadline for 8th call: 4th June 2020


Further dates will be announced in due course. 

Call details:

The Humanities Cultural Programme will include cultural events and public engagement activities over the years prior to the opening of the new Humanities building, and be part of the public cultural and community programme in the Schwarzman Centre.

In consultation with researchers, students, and staff, and in partnership with external cultural organisations, experts, and consultants, we aim to create an exciting, thought-provoking, and enjoyable series of events featuring outstanding artists, writers, and thinkers, all powered by University of Oxford’s world-leading research and unique collections; to increase our social impact and reaffirm the value of the humanities to our common future; and to share and foster the insights and richness of the humanities and engage new audiences and participants of all ages.

The Humanities Cultural Programme will be created in collaboration across all the Humanities Faculties and with local, national and international partners, including organisations as part of GLAM (Gardens Libraries and Museums). The funding stream related to this Open Call will support public programming that is led by University of Oxford researchers and/or students, or projects in collaboration with external partners. 

This ongoing call is for activities that are planned between 2019 and 2024, with a deadline of 14 November for the current round. Further calls will be issued monthly.

Activities we are looking to support can include (but are not limited to):

  • Performances of any kind (music, theatre, spoken word, comedy, dance etc.)
  • Installations and exhibitions
  • Panel events that bring new people to Oxford 
  • Community co-creation projects that lead to a public event(s).

Projects will be supported up to a funding range of up to £3,000.

Applications for funds of up to £10,000 may also be considered, however, these will need to be multidisciplinary and have large anticipated audiences. Applicants for sums of £3,000+ are encouraged to discuss their plans in the first instance with Professor Philip Bullock ( and Dr Victoria McGuinness (


Assessment criteria:

  • Applications clearly explain the context and rationale for the proposed event(s)/activities;
  • Give details of how the proposed collaboration will contribute to the Humanities Cultural Programme (as outlined above);
  • Explain whom this activity will benefit and reach;
  • Provide a clear timeline for the planned activity;
  • Be appropriately costed in detail. Costs can include relevant and appropriate travel and accommodation costs (that meet the University guidelines);
  • Indicate what future opportunities the proposed project may lead to, particularly future strategic research collaborations;
  • Show what other related funds have been raised externally and/or funds raised internally.

Events should be research/student led and can be in partnership with an external partner.
They should have target audiences in mind and aim to reach new audiences outside the University.  


All applications are assessed by the Humanities Cultural Programme Steering Group, in accordance with the Humanities and University funding regulations and procedures.


Each awarded project will be supported by TORCH and one of the Humanities Cultural Programme Managers. 


How to apply: University of Oxford Applicants must submit the application via IRAMS.

Applications are accepted monthly:
Notifications of awards will be given within 3 weeks of deadline closing.