"In Bloom" by Estella Tse

‘In Bloom': An Augmented Reality Exhibition by Visiting Fellow, Estella Tse
Fusion Arts, 95 Gloucester Green, 5-18 June 2023 (with a closure on Monday 12 June)


Am I the demons inside of my head?

Is that critic me?

'In Bloom' is a story of redemption, overcoming the darkest days in one's life to find light again.

In collaboration with Oxford University, virtual + augmented reality artist Estella Tse shares her story of overcoming Complex PTSD and debilitating Depression through her immersive art. You'll find moments, snapshots, and explorations from four of Estella's phases: The Darkest Days, Recovering and Doing the Work, Rebuild, and Thrive. Each piece is a seedling that shapes and colours the larger ecosystem of Estella's life and growth. You'll also find integrated works by Oxford researchers.

This exhibition uses augmented reality (AR) which is an interactive experience that combines the real world and computer-generated content. Your exhibition guides will introduce you to the experience and the technology.

Find out more about leading AR/VR artist Estella Tse:


Estella Tse – Artist
Vicky McGuinness – Project Lead
Rhiannon Jones – Project Manager
Brian Mitchell – Tech Lead
Byung Kim – Exhibition Designer
Carl Hewlett (Install Oxford) - Exhibition structure
Creative Key - Design Production
Emma Jones - HCP
Tasha Patel - Creative Industries Lead
Fusion Arts - Venue 

Tom Green - InterPro Workstations, Computer Systems 

This Fellowship is co-hosted by TORCH, The Humanities Cultural Programme, and The Institute for Ethics in AI.
We are very grateful for the support of Leia Inc and Vicon. 

This exhibition forms part of the wider Artful Intelligence Season