In Sync


The Saïd Business School are hosting 'In Sync' as part of their Engaging with the Humanities series.

Leaders have an important role to play, but often the synchronicity of teams is the real secret of high performance. What role do leaders play in achieving and maintaining this? How do leaders help teams get in sync and stay there?

Musical ensembles understand the importance of this innately. In this talk, Dr Pegram Harrison will explore how musicians work with each other, acknowledging a conductor’s “lead” but also deploying other mechanisms to get and stay in sync. The audience will also be invited to participate in some interactive exercises to experience for themselves how synchronicity emerges.

A complimentary lunch will be served from 12-12.15pm, the talk will begin promptly at 12.15pm and conclude at 1.15pm.



Please remember that registration is required to attend this event. The seminar is open for anyone to attend and will take place at Saïd Business School. Registration will open at 12pm with lunch served from 12-12.15pm, the talk beginning promptly at 12.15pm and finishing at 1.15pm. Click here to register for your free ticket.

Please note that filming, live streaming and photography will be taking place during this event. By entering and participating you are giving your permission to be recorded and for the School to us the media in future.


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