Into Silence - Silence & Mindfulness

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The Silence Hub invites you Into Silence - a performance by SCANJ string quartet of silent and quiet musical pieces.

In the beautiful setting of Convocation House, members of SCANJ string quartet and cellist Jacqueline Johnson will perform a unique programme. This will feature four pieces of complete silence, including John Cage’s 4’33” and 4’33” No. 2, and works that are very quiet or that contain significant silences by Joseph Haydn, Arvo Pärt, Nils Frahm, Philip Glass and Peteris Vasks.

The performance will start at 7pm and last about an hour. It will be followed by a drinks reception from 8-8.30pm in the Chancellor’s Court.

Willem Kuyken, Ritblat Professor of Mindfulness at the University of Oxford will guide the audience through the event.

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