Introduction to Crowdsourcing


This workshop will provide an introduction to crowdsourcing projects in the humanities, with a focus on metadata extraction and full text transcription projects and tools that are currently available on the Zooniverse (, a world-leading academic crowdsourcing organization based at the University of Oxford, the Adler Planetarium and the University of Minnesota. It will give an overview of existing Zooniverse humanities projects, and those currently under development, providing the opportunity to explore these projects and to learn how to create your own project using the free Project Builder (, while discussing and suggesting ways in which data can be harnessed on the Zooniverse platform and transformed for use in the humanities. This workshop will be led by Dr Samantha Blickhan, IMLS Postdoctoral Fellow for Zooniverse.

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Digital Humanities
DPhil & Postdoctoral Researchers

Contact name: Dr Caroline Thurston
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Audience: University of Oxford only