John Parrington Redesigning Life

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Blackwell's Bookshop Oxford presents 'John Parrington Redesigning Life'. Since the birth of civilisation, human beings have manipulated other life forms. 'Redesigning Life' explores how scientists are editing genes using molecular scissors, with new technology of genome editing being applied to practically any species of plants and animals. 

These powerful new technologies can lead to revolutionary developments but also raises important ethical dilemmas and potential dangers.

'Redesigning Life' explains the science behind revolutionary developments in genetic engineering frequently in the news, describing the breakthrough in genome editing and the creation of synthetic lifeforms. It also explores the huge potential benefits genome editing could offer to medicine and agriculture.

Join us as John Parrington explains the nature and possibilities of these new scientific developments, which could usher in a brave, new world.

Tickets for this event cost £5 and can be purchased from the customer service department in the Norrington Room. Alternatively, call 01865 333623.


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