Letters for Palestinian Childhoods Exhibition

contrails britt permien 400x250

Image: Contrails, created by Britt Permien



Exhibition: Letters for Palestinian Childhoods

From Wednesday 3 July 2024 onwards (end date TBC)

The Community Works, 21 Park End Street, Oxford OX1 1HU

Admission: Free

Letters for Palestinian Childhoods’ is an Arts Project; art by young people in Gaza, elsewhere in Palestine and based in the UK, together with letters written by scholars and activists who have worked with Palestinian children. Its goal is to draw our attention to the full lives that young people in Palestine experience: their hopes, dreams, joys, relationships, aspirations, and everyday realities. In doing so, we hope to counter the widespread dehumanisation of Palestinians within mainstream political and media narratives that predominantly present them either as aggressors or as faceless victims.


Letters for Palestinian Childhoods is an online and travelling exhibition, which has been exhibited in Bristol and London.


Follow the link to the Key Stage Three Teaching Resource Pac. The lesson title: ‘Palestinian Childhoods’.

A launch event will take place on Thursday the 11th of July 2024 with speaker Dr Basma Hajir.



For questions, please email cysoxford@torch.ox.ac.uk.

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