Markets, Healthcare and Professionalism

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This afternoon seminar will explore the following questions.

How are market processes, financial incentives and an industrial model of healthcare influencing, for good and ill, professional values and ethos? What is the role of government in this situation and what ought it to be? How might doctors, commissioners, managers and healthcare workers in general respond and contribute wisely to the environment shaping their professional identity? How might humanities disciplines help to articulate the questions at stake in this context?


1-1.30pm               Registration, networking and lunch

1.30 pm                 Markets and meaning in healthcare: themes emerging from the Engaging Healthcare conference
                                Presentation/discussion led by Dr Joshua Hordern and Dr Andrew Papanikitas

2.30 pm                 Compassion, Markets and the Healthcare Environment
                                Presentation/discussion led by Dr Therese Feiler and Dr Mahima Mitra

3.30 pm                 Personalised/Precision Medicine, Primary Healthcare and the Role of Markets
                                Presentation/Discussion led by Dr Joshua Hordern & Dr Anant Jani

4.15 pm                 Final discussion and next steps

4.45pm                  Close


Dr Joshua Hordern, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, Faculty of Theology and Religion, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford.

Dr Andrew Papanikitas NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in General Practice at the Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, Research Fellow, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford

Dr Therese Feiler, Wellcome Trust postdoctoral researcher, Oxford Healthcare Values Partnership, University of Oxford.

Dr Mahima Mitra, Research Officer, Management in Medicine, Green Templeton College, University of Oxford

Dr Anant Jani, Honorary Research Fellow, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Science, University of Oxford


We gratefully acknowledge the funding for this project which comes from a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award to Prof Hordern which has supported a public engagement partnership between the Oxford Healthcare Values Partnership (OHVP) and the Royal Society of Medicine. Details of the project’s Engaging Healthcare conference from June 2015 may be found at We also acknowledge the funding to support research in this area given by the Wellcome Trust (Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund) and the Sir Halley Stewart Trust.

If you would like to participate, please contact either Joshua Hordern ( or Andrew Papanikitas ( to register your interest. Participation is free. Limited funding for travel to attend the seminar is available. Please contact Joshua Hordern for details.


Medical Humanities
Compassion in Healthcare

Audience: Open to all