Masterclass in Conceptual Poetry

rubber ducks

The TORCH Nordic Network is hosting a poetry masterclass with Dr Kim Simonsen on 'Globalised Yellow Rubber Ducks: Hyperobjects, Post-humanism and Scandinavian Conceptual Poetry'. Writers, artists and scholars are seen as having an interest in the relation between Man, nature and earth in a new way. The far North and the Artic are one of the last large-scale ecosystems of our planet. It is a place where sounds become muffled, smells are deep-frozen and colours disappear in the winter. In this talk the poet Kim Simonsen aims to investigate the perception of the icy and more so of disappearing ice as a part of the world in recent art, with literary examples from his own books and scholarship.

About the Speaker

Dr. Kim Simonsen is a Carlsberg Foundation Foreign Scholarship post.doc at the University of Amsterdam, SPIN: Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms. He is the leader of the "Travel Writing to the Romantic Far North 1800-1900" network supported by the Nordic Cultural Point and in the board of the newly formed Nineteen Century Studies Centre at the University of Århus in Denmark. He has been the coordinator of the Scandinavian section of ERNIE (Encyclopaedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe). His interests are in the relation between literature, the cultivation of culture and nationalism in the long nineteenth-century


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