Medical Humanities PG-ECR Workshop

Medical Humanities PG-ECR Workshop

25 May - 26 May 2023, University of Oxford

Medical Humanities University of Oxford; King’s College London; The Centre for British Studies (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin); Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin


Free but registration is required:

Registration for Day 1, Thursday 25th of May 2023

Registration for Day 2, Friday 26th of May 2023




Day 1

2.00: Arrival and registration


2.30: Introductory panel

A tale of three cities: perspectives on medical humanities in Oxford, London & Berlin

Erica Charters (Oxford), Brian Hurwitz (KCL), Susanne Michl (Charité), Miles Taylor (Centre for British Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) & Neil Vickers (KCL)


3.30: Coffee Break / Kaffeepause


4.00: Panel 1: Ethics & practice (Chair: Axel Hüntelmann, Charité)

1. Francesca Dakin (Oxford), What is the 'new normal' in general practice, how does it affect staff wellbeing, and how can we improve?

2. Sriraj Aiyer (Oxford), Medical students and decision making

3. Mihika Poddar (Oxford), Interrogating the interrelationship between law, medical science and lived experience: a study of legal recognition of sex/gender

4. Nathalie Ceyhanli (Charité), The national press coverage on the ‘Socialist Patient Collective’ in Heidelberg

5. Shelley Castle (Oxford), Did they combat or concur?: the complexities in the medical handling and understanding lung irritants and mustard gas during the First World War


5.30: Keynote lecture:

         Dora Vargha (University of Exeter/ Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

         Medical humanities, health policy, and avenues for collaboration


6.30: Wine reception


Day 2

9.30: Panel 2: Pathologies (Chair: Neil Vickers, KCL)

1. Kate Venables (Goldsmiths/Oxford), The interface between history and biography: using microhistory to explore Second World War medical history

2. Amelie Kolandt (Charité), Access, challenges and prospects of abortion care in Germany – a qualitative analysis

3. Charlotte Kelly (Oxford), ‘The floodgates of sexual promiscuity will be opened’: analysing political speech about ‘the young’ in the legalisation of abortion in Singapore

4. Simone Delzin (Oxford), Ovulation: A topology and case study

5. Henriette Voekler (Charité/HU-B), Doing patient psychotherapeutic writing in the GDR

6. Austin Stevenson (Oxford), Vaccine hesitancy and the ‘war on science’: insights from the fundamentalist-modernist controversy


11.00:Coffee Break / Kaffeepause


11.30:Panel 3: Projects & initiatives (Chair: Erica Charters)

1. Sally Frampton (Oxford), Community research and outreach in Oxford

2. Annett Wienmeister (Charité), BeCOIL

3. Aqeel Abdulla (KCL), Participatory arts and mental health


1.00: Lunch Break / Mittagessen


2.00: Panel 4: History & culture (Chair: Miles Taylor)

1. Swathi Srinivasan (Oxford), The U.S. President’s emergency plan for AIDS relief (PEPFAR), c. 1991-2001

2. Rachel Hindmarsh (Oxford), Rabelais and Rösslin: the temporality of childbirth in early modern Europe

3. Friederike Zankowich (Bonn/HU-B), Factors and forms of argument in the decline of hypochondria as a nosological entity around 1900

4. Jasmine Lovey (Oxford), Medical intervention and children in 19th c Switzerland

5. Irem Yildiz (Oxford), The impact of ecological orientalism: climatic factors on blindness-causing eye diseases in the late Ottoman empire


3.30: Coffee Break / Kaffeepause


4.00: Plenary & future plans

5.00: Workshop closes

We acknowledge the support of the Oxford Berlin Research Partnership, TORCH, and the Centre for British Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.





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