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On June 27th 2019, the UK became the first major economy to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050. Achieving this goal will be one of the defining challenges of our time. This webinar series aims to empower Generation Net Zero with a deeper understanding of what Net Zero means, and what it will take to achieve it, both for the UK and the world.

Hosted by Fiona Harvey, Environment Correspondent at The Guardian, five webinars on science and policy for Generation Net Zero are taking place, to mark the first anniversary of the passage of the UK’s Net Zero Emissions law. These will happen on Monday 22nd to Friday 26th June from 17.00 - 18.30 each day.


Convened by the Oxford Climate Research Network, the Oxford Climate Society and, supported by the ClimateWorks Foundation.

The webinars will be livestreamed on the Oxford Climate Society YouTube link: 

Talks will be aimed at the well-informed school-striker – so, if you’ve never heard of climate change, you’ve got some homework to do in advance (!), but if you’re not sure what Net Zero means, this Home School is for you.


Scheduled Programme

Understanding Net Zero 

Monday, June 22nd

David Frame, Victoria University Wellington & Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: “The Science of Net Zero: What Will It Take to End Our Contributions to Global Warming?”

Farhana Yamin, Systemiq & International Lawyer: “The Rights (and Wrongs) of Net Zero: The Legal and Ethical Case"


Pathways to Net Zero

Tuesday, June 23rd

Steve Smith, University of Oxford: “Pathways to Net Zero for the UK”

Ambuj Sagar, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi: “Transformational Change in an Emerging Economy”


Nature and Land in Net Zero

Wednesday, June 24th

Nora Berrahmouni, FAO: “Feeding a Net-Zero World: Perspectives from the Global South”

Nathalie Seddon, University of Oxford: “Biodiversity and Nature-Based Climate Solutions: More than Trees”


Engineering Net Zero

Thursday, June 25th

Stuart Haszeldine, University of Edinburgh: “Into the Ground: Safe, Secure, and Affordable Carbon Burial”

Tim Kruger, Origen Power and University of Oxford: “Out of Thin Air: Recapturing Carbon Dioxide”


Achieving Net Zero

Friday, June 26th

Julian Allwood, University of Cambridge: “Zero Emissions with Today’s Technologies”

Pauline Anaman, Africa Centre for Energy Policy, Ghana: "Net Zero for Ghana: When and How?"

Myles Allen, University of Oxford: “Fossil Fuels in a Net Zero World”


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