OCCT Discussion Group

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Fornightly meetings, led by graduate students and early-career researchers run by the TORCH Programme Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation. The theme for Hilary Term 2016 is Multilingualism. For preparatory readings and other details, please check on OCCT website or email peter.hill@sjc.ox.ac.uk 

OCCT is a Divisional research programme supported by TORCH and St Anne's College. Convenors Professor Matthew Reynolds, Professor Mohamed-Salah Omri, Professor Ben Morgan, Dr Sowon Park, Professor Adriana X. Jacobs, Professor Patrick McGuinnness, Professor Jane Hiddleston, Dr Xiaofan Amy Li, Dr Valentina Gosetti. Co-ordinator: Dr Eleni Philippou.


Comparative Criticism and Translation

Contact name: Anita Paz
Contact email: Anita.Paz@rsa.ox.ac.uk
Audience: Open to all