On Political Theology?

2015 42 walter benjamin

The TORCH network 'Crisis, Extremes, and Apocalypse' are hosting a seminar on 'On Political Theology?' with speaker Professor Andrew Benjamin (Monash). The world figures within any political theology. What has altered and thus what has to be drawn into any thinking of a political theology is a shift in the world’s presence. A transformation of the world remains the project of a political theology. And yet, this claim has become complicated. It is equally true, now, that world itself is in a process of change; a process that is an opening to the world’s destruction. However, this destruction is not the one that figures within the conventions of a political theology. On the contrary, it is form of destruction that is inextricably tied to the presence of catastrophic climate change as a genuine possibility. Hence the question that has to emerge – given the centrality of the world within any thinking of a political theology – concerns the impact of this modality of destruction on political theology as a mode of thought.

22/10/2019 18:54:11
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