Online and Offline Forums for Cultural Production

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Physical, face-to-face gatherings have long functioned as important sites for the production of literary and other forms of culture. With the advent of new technologies, their online equivalents have taken on a similar role. Building on our previous workshop on 'Salons, Circles and Majalis', this event invites participants to think about the different ways in which online and offline forums function as locations of literary and intellectual culture. What are the forms of traffic between the two practices? In what ways do they affect cultural production differently? Is there a relationship between the forum as such and the cultural production? The event will consist of two short presentations, one on an online and one on an offline forum, followed by a general discussion in which participants are welcome to bring examples from their own work and experience to the table.

At this event Richard Williams (Oriental Institute)will be giving a talk "Printing out a Virtual Network: female poets in Urdu literary culture" and Zuzanna Olszewska (Anthropology) "Digital Poetics: An ethnography of virtual poetic sociality among contemporary Afghan poets". The Discussant is Chihab El Khachab (Anthropology).


Comparative Criticism and Translation

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