Oxford-Berlin-Padua Research Network- Mobility in Historical Perspective

ox ber pa

Thursday 25 April


2.00 Welcome

Julia Smith, and introductions by the delegations from Padova, Oxford and Berlin


2.30-4.00 Session 1

Marek Jankowiak: Slave trade and mobility in the early middle ages – the case of the Saqaliba

Cristina La Rocca: Forced mobility in the 6th century

Stefan Esders: Ethnic Legal Identity and Mobility in the Early Medieval West (5th-10th cent.)


4.00 Tea


4.30 Hans-Dieter Bienert: Funding possibilities at the DFG

Chaired by Martin Conway


5.00-6.00 Session Two

Vittoria Feola: The mobility of Paduans in Asia, 1550-1750 

Marie Favereau: The Mongol Mobilities


7.00 Dinner at Balliol College

(Drinks at 7 p.m.; dinner at 7.30 p.m.)


Friday 26 April


9.00-10.30 Session Three

Ria Kapoor: “Unsuitable for Europeans”: Refugees in 1940s India

Alessandra Vigo: Mobility and resettlement: stories of Italians returning from Africa (1940s-1970s)

Jan Hansen: Migration and Infrastructure


10.30 Coffee


11.00-11.45 John-Paul Ghobrial

Keynote Lecture: In Search of Surprises: Human Mobility in Micro and Macro Perspectives

Chaired by Alexander Nuetzenadel


11.45-12.45 Session Four

Dexnell Peters: An Interconnected and Polyglot World: Trinidad and Demerara (Guyana) in the Revolutionary Era

Niccolò Caramel: The Tesini peddlers and the Remondini printers from Bassano: commercial relationships, trading expeditions and local repercussions (1685–1797)


1.00-2.00 Sandwich Lunch


2.00-3.30 Session Five

Maya Petrovich: The Rumis: A forgotten military diaspora

Elena Canadelli: Mobilising Botanists: The Circulation of Photographic Portraits at the Padova Botanic Garden between the XIX and XX Century 

Martin Lutz: The Economics of Communal Migration: Religious Incentives and Mutual Aid in Anabaptist Immigration to North America


3.30 Tea


4.00-5.00 Session Six

Vittoria Bufanio: Builder Workers Dynamics. Professional Networks and Political Dependency in 14th Century Piedmont

Luca Zenobi: Crossing the Frontiers of Renaissance Italy


5.00-5.45  Group Discussion: networking and mentoring

Led by Matteo Millan


7.30 Evening Meal at The Trout Inn, Godstow

Travel will be provided from central Oxford


Saturday 27 April


9.00-10.30 Session Seven

Cecilia Molesini: Forced Mobility. Letters of German expellees at the end of WWII

Vittoria Princi: The armée comes to town. Social aspects of military mobility in the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy (1805-1814)

Valeska Huber: From Migration to Multiple Mobilities: The Mediterranean as a Transit Space, 1900-1950


10.30 Coffee


11.45-12.00 Session Eight

Francesco Veronese: The Mobility of the (Special) Dead. Carolingian Narratives of Relics Transfers

Lidia Zanetti Domingues: Juvenal, George, Sergius: a Story of Saintly Human Mobility


12.00-1.00 Concluding reflections and next steps

Andrea Caracausi and Paul Nolte


1.00 Sandwich Lunch, and departure.