Oxford Castle at 950 years - son et lumière

oxford castle at 950 years  son et lumiere2

Part of the Humanities Cultural Programme, one of the founding stones for the
future  Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities.

We will be recording the projection on the night and it will be available online afterwards

Please note, this is a 7-minute video created for this celebration event. It will be projection mapped onto the external walls of Oxford Castle. 
The 7-minute video will be on repeat between 6-10pm on Friday 19 November 2021. 


For the first time in its long history, the castle will host a full-scale projection. Created by sound and light artists in collaboration with researchers, we will be sharing a video projected onto the side of the Castle as part of a unique and free public event. 


Oxford Castle – 950 years - Different roads lead to the same castle*  

*George R. R. Martin 

Come join us in the open air outside the Oxford Castle! Watch the stunning projection onto the Castle and join in with our socially-distanced interactive games.  

Woven into the fabric of the city, the ancient patchwork walls of Oxford Castle sit in the centre of the city. For the last 950 years, the castle has been part of the human narrative – connecting with the local, national and international characters.  

Kings, princesses and prisoners have crossed the threshold here – as a castle it was built to keep people out. As a prison, it was rebuilt to keep people in – now, sound and projection artists have come together with local historians, researchers from the University of Oxford and people from across the City have come together to tell their story of the castle and the city, bringing their ideas and stories together to create this unique video projection piece.  

For the first time, town and gown come together to tell a shared and diverse history of inclusion and exclusion of Oxford’s Castle. 


This event is part of the Humanities Cultural Programme and is a collaboration between several key partners: Oxford Preservation Trust and the Oxford Castle Committee; Oxford Castle and Continuum; researchers through TORCH in the Humanities Division, University of Oxford, and Oxfordshire County Council (Castle mound lighting). 


The event is also part of the national Being Human Festival, and the Oxford Christmas Light Festival (Oxford City Council). 


With thanks to the creative artists Ross Ashton (Projection Studio) and Karen Monid (Sound Artist) who have created this piece entitled 'Chronicle'.


With thanks to contributors: 


Prof Steven Gunn (History), Prof Sally Shuttleworth (English), Prof William Whyte (History), Prof Wes Williams (Medieval and Modern Languages), Prof Patrick McGuinness (Medieval and Modern Languages), Dr Sally Frampton (Theology), Tom Hassel, Julian Munby, Mark Davies, Debbie Dance, and all members of the Oxford Castle Committee. 

We are grateful to local Schools who have contributed to the event including West Oxford Primary School and St Ebbes Primary School. 

Thanks also to Oxfordshire County Council and SDK Lighting Design for their restoration of the Oxford Castle Mound pathway lighting. 


Original project idea brought together by Dr Victoria McGuinness (Humanities Division) and Debbie Dance (Oxford Preservation Trust). 
With special thanks to Tasha Patel (Creative Industries Officer) and Chris Abbott (Oxford Castle). 


Funded by the Humanities Cultural Programme, HEIF (Higher Education Innovation Fund) as part of Knowledge Exchange (Creative Industries), the KE Seed Fund, and a private donation.