Oxford Children's Rights and Fiction


Oxford Children's Rights Network and the Fiction & Human Rights Network are co-hosting a discussion of the iconic children's novel, King Matt the First , by the Polish children's rights campaigner and activist, Janusz Korczak.

Published in 1923, King Matt the First, continues to be read all over the world. What does this quirky but unforgettable novel  have to say -- either to young people or to adults -- about children's rights both during the turbulence of the early to mid twentieth century, when it first appeared in print,  and today?


All are welcome; no registration required. A sandwich lunch will be provided.


Network convenors/contacts: Tessa Roynon and Jonathan Herring (Fiction and Human Rights Network) Penny Ehrhardt and Charlotte Kelly (Children's Rights Network) 


Contact name: Tessa Roynon, tessa.roynon@rai.ox.ac.uk