Live Music at Hogacre: Paul Lodge & Flights of Helios

Gig poster

For the past year, Oxford Philosophy professor Paul Lodge has been working with local band Flights of Helios on a project called 'Cantat Ergo Sumus' ('it sings therefore we are'). The idea is to increase awareness and interest in philosophy through performance and the recording of original songs based on the work of famous philosophers throughout history.

Join Paul and the band this October to hear the songs as well as other music from Flights of Helios’ back catalogue in the beautiful setting of Hogacre Park. (No advance booking)

This event is not organised by TORCH - for any questions contact

You can also hear Paul discuss bringing philosophy and music into conversation with legendary music journalists Sylvie Simmons and David Fricke, BBC Radio 6 DJ Gideon Coe, and poet and musician Grzegorz Kwiatkowski: Wednesday 20 October 7.30pm online - find out more here.