Phenomenological Psychopathology Reading Group

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The TORCH Oxford Phenomenology Network are hosting Phenomenological Psychopathology Reading Group: reading and discussing Minkowski, Jaspers, Straus, Binswanger, Merleau-Ponty, Boss, and others.

Every Friday in Hilary, 2.00-4.00 pm, Christ Church College, Old Library Building, Room 6

Convenor and contact: Marcin Moskalewicz:

Week 1


Week 2

Medard Boss, Existential Foundations of Medicine and Psychology New York 1979, chapter 13: A General Daseinanalytic Phenomenology of Illness, 197-239.

Week 3

Erwin W. Straus, Norm and Pathology of I-World Relations, in: Phenomenological Psychology, Basic Books 1966, 255-276.

Week 4

Karl Jaspers, General Psychopathology, John Hopkins UP 1997, Vol. I, Chapter 1 (fragment): Delusion and Awareness of Reality, 93-107.

Week 5

Eugène Minkowski, The essential disorder underlying schizophrenia and schizophrenic thought, in: The Maudsley Reader in Phenomenological Psychiatry, ed. Broome et. al. Cambridge UP 2012, 143-155 (also in: The Clinical Roots of Schizophrenia Concept, ed. Cutting & Shepherd Cambridge UP 1987).

Week 6

Wolfgang Blankenburg, First steps toward a psychopathology of ‘common sense’, in: The Maudsley Reader, 158-165 (also in: Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology 8(4), 2001, 303-15).

Week 7

Viktor Emil von Gebsattel, The world of the compulsive, in: The Maudsley Reader, 233-240 (also in: Existence, ed. R. May et. al. New York 1958).

Week 8

Ludwig Binswanger, On the manic mode of being in the world, in: The Maudsley Reader, 197-203 (also in: Phenomenology: Pure and Applied, ed. E. Straus, Duquesne UP 1964).


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