Race and Resistance Seminar


At this seminar postgraduates and senior faculty will give three short presentations about their research, which will be followed by discussion.


1. Erica Lombard (Faculty of English)

2. Gaetan Maret (Faculty of English)

3. Hazra Medica (Faculty of English)


About the network:

This network will focus on the twentieth-century activists, artists and intellectuals who worked within and challenged racially oppressive hierarchies, and sought to achieve full equality once those formal hierarchies had been overturned. In particular, it will explore the ways in which such activists understood their lives and resistance within a global context, and the connections they forged with each other across national and imperial borders.

The project will bring together faculty and postgraduates from a range of disciplines to explore this topic through a series of meetings discussing research in progress and key texts, and through workshops with invited speakers and major symposia and conferences in due course.

Please contact Imaobong Umoren (imaobong.umoren@history.ox.ac.uk), Tamara Moellenberg (tamara.moellenberg@english.ox.ac.uk) or Justine McConnell (justine.mcconnell@classics.ox.ac.uk) for more details.


Race and Resistance across Borders in the Long Twentieth Century

Audience: University of Oxford only