Rags to Riches: Experiences of Social Mobility Since 1800 Seminar

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We will be discussing recent work on the history and sociology of social mobility.  Please contact christina.debellaigue@history.ox.ac.uk for further details

About the network:

This interdisciplinary research group will explore the history and experience of social mobility in nineteenth and twentieth century Britain and Europe.  The network aims to foster the development of new perspectives on social mobility by adopting a qualitative and family biographical approach. We seek in particular to uncover the previously neglected areas of female social mobility and the impact of family members on an individual’s life chances. Our comparative approach will promote the setting of individual findings within a broader geographical and temporal context.  

Over 2013-14, we will be holding six lunchtime workshops and speaker events.  Initially these meetings will focus on assessing the status of current research in the field. In early 2014 we will begin to build upon this research with fresh discussion of key themes and methodologies in social mobility.



Rags to Riches?: Experiences of Social Mobility since 1800

Contact name: Christina de Bellaigue

Contact email: christina.debellaigue@history.ox.ac.uk

Audience: University of Oxford only