Reading Group for Pilgrimage Studies: Women and Pilgrimage

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The Reading Group for Pilgrimage Studies, run by The Oxford Pilgrimage Studies Network, is an informal, interdisciplinary forum to discuss readings engaging with the phenomenon of pilgrimage broadly. It meets every other Thursday, during odd weeks in Hilary Term 2019.

Week 3: Works that consider the female experience of pilgrimage.


Evangelisti, Sylvia. "Religious Women, Mystic Journeys and Agency in Early Modern Spain." Journal of Early Modern History 22.1–2 (2018): 9–27.
Fedele, Anna. “Gender, Sexuality and Religious Critique among Mary Magdalene Pilgrims in Southern France.” In Gender, Nation and Religion in European Pilgrimage, eds. Willy Jansen and Catrien Notermans. Farnham: Ashgate, 2012. (pp. 55–70)
Honarpisheh, Donna. "Women in Pilgrimage: Senses, Places, Embodiment, and Agency. Experiencing Ziyarat in Shiraz." Journal of Shi'a Islamic Studies 6, no. 4 (2013): 383–410.

To register your interest and for access to scans of the readings, please contact the conveners.


Oxford Pilgrimage Studies Network

Contact: Sylvia Alvares-Correa
Helena Guzik

Audience: Oxford only