Recycling the Astrolabe

Aerial photo of four pairs of hands using different handheld smart devices


To mark the acquisition of a new and important astrolabe in the collection, Dr Stephen Johnston (MHS) and Dr Koenraad van Cleempoel (Hasselt University, Belgium) present the first research results on its story. This new acquisition to the Museum is an example of a medieval device that has been adapted and reworked in the 16th century: it tells us a story of the Renaissance recycling rather than rejecting the Middle Ages.

Doors open at 18:30.


Part of a series of events to celebrate the Entrance Gallery Exhibition ‘New Acquisitions’

Opening 19 January 2016

Celebrating recent acquisitions to the Museum, this exhibition will showcase a number of our latest and most engaging arrivals. From a medieval astrolabe to the 17th-century English mathematical aide-memoire pictured, we demonstrate the continued vitality of collecting in the modern museum, and the donations, grants and benefactors that make it possible.


Humanities & Science

Website: Museum of the History of Science

Audience: Open to all