Rethinking English Literary Culture in the Age of Alfred: a Symposium

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It is now over a decade since Malcolm Godden invited scholars to reconsider whether King Alfred really did write anything. While that debate rumbles on, the time has come to re-assess what we mean by 'Alfredian' and to take stock of the increasingly diverse work that we do under the umbrella of Alfredian studies. This major international symposium, in conjunction with a ongoing series of sessions at Leeds IMC, brings into conversation scholars working on Alfredian literature and culture, broadly conceived.


Speakers; Malcolm Godden (keynote), Anya Adair, Daniel Anlezark, Helen Appleton, Emily Butler, Stephanie Clark, Nicole Discenza, Sarah Foot, Hilary Fox, R. D. Fulk, Robert Gallagher, Susan Irvine, David Johnson, Stefan Jurasinski, Tomás Kalmar, Omar Khalaf, Courtnay Konshuh, Ryan Lavelle, Ryan Lavelle, Karen Lenz, Leslie Lockett, Rosalind Love, Haruko Momma, Richard North, Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe, Adrian Papahagi, Georgina Pitt, Christine Rauer, Sharon Rowley, Mercedes Salvador Bello, Rebecca Thomas, Olga Timofeeva, Jane Toswell, Michael Treschow, Elizabeth Tyler, Greg Waite, Erica Weaver.


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