Rethinking the Carolingian Reforms

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The third in a series of workshops on Carolingian correctio, ‘Rethinking the Carolingian reforms: the negotiation and exchange of knowledge in the Carolingian world’ 

Speakers include:

  • Rosamond McKitterick (Cambridge): The Frankish church and the Carolingian reforms revisited
  • Carine van Rhijn (Utrecht): Taming the terminology: Carolingian Renaissance, reform, correctio
  • Sven Meeder (Nijmegen): Carolingian correctio: centre and periphery
  • Giorgia Vocino (Orléans) and Cinzia Grifoni (Vienna): Carolingian correctio in education: the reception of Alcuin's pedagogy
  • Irene van Renswoude (Utrecht) and Kristina Mitalaité (Paris): Carolingian debates and controversies: correcting heterodoxy
  • Els Rose (Utrecht) and Arthur Westwell (Trier): Correcting the liturgy and sacred language
  • Ingrid Rembold (Oxford) and Steve Ling (Loughborough): 'Like all the monasteries in Francia': horizontal networks in Carolingian monastic and canonical reforms
  • with a response by Elina Screen and Julia Smith (both Oxford)

To register for the workshop, please email by Friday 6 April, stating your name, affiliation, and any dietary requirements. There are no fees for attending, but depending on the final workshop budget a nominal sum (no more than £5) may be requested to help cover catering costs. Tea, coffee, and a sandwich lunch will be provided on the second day of the workshop.

This workshop is generously supported by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH); Oxford Medieval Studies; the Faculty of History, Oxford; Hertford College, Oxford; and the Royal Historical Society.


Oxford Medieval Studies

Contact name: Ingrid Rembold
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Audience: Open to all