Romance of the Rose Reading Group

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Following the extremely successful Romance of the Rose reading group last year, we will be continuing this year in the new and exciting venue of The Oxford Research Centre for Humanities (TORCH).

The Rose is one of the most important vernacular texts of the middle ages and of interest to those working in a range of disciplines and languages. Last year saw participants from French, English, Music, Italian, History of Art and German, and was made up of students and faculty members and general interested parties. The direction we take is very much determined by those who attend and their own interests.

No previous experience of reading the Rose or of Old French is necessary (English translation will be provided, although discussion will be of the French text).

As with last year, we will read between 100-200 lines of text in advance and then discuss them over a glass of wine (or water) for an hour or so.

Meetings will be on Mondays of even weeks at 17.15 in the Humanities Building on Woodstock Road. The first session on 21 October will take place in the TORCH common room on the 3rd floor, and subsequent meetings will be in the TORCH Meeting Room 4 on the ground floor.

Those interested should contact to receive PDFs of the passage for the first session.

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Audience: University of Oxford only