CANCELLED: Roundtable: ‘What does "resilience" do for your discipline?’

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"Resilience" is an increasingly prominent concept used to describe and evaluate responses of human and non-human life, environments and ecosystems to a range of challenges, but one that may be as problematic as it is useful. Our round-table discussion will explore how participants think the concept works, or might work (or doesn't work, or does but is problematic) in each discipline, consider how careful use of it might provoke disciplinary reconceptualizations, enable useful disciplinary 'risks', and how we can bring different disciplinary approaches together to enrich, mobilize and fruitfully critique the concept. Participants may consider the implications for research, co-authored publications, teaching, policy and public engagement activities. The focus at this early stage of the project is in developing strategies for collaborative climate crisis thinking that foregrounds humanities and social sciences approaches.

Possible introductory reading: Henrik Thorén and Lennart Olsson, 'Is resilience a normative concept?', Resilience, 6:2 (2018), 112-128, DOI: 10.1080/21693293.2017.1406842

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Climate Crisis Thinking in the Humanities and Social Sciences, TORCH Networks