RSM Primary care ethics conference: The ethics of survival and flourishing in 21st Century healthcare


This event will highlight and discuss perennial problems of 21st century healthcare: morale and self-care, moral distress sustainable goals and practical wisdom. Expert speakers and workshop leaders will examine the ethics of survival and flourishing as a practitioner, educator, policymaker or patient. This will enable inter-professional learning with speakers from academic, educational, practice and patient advocacy backgrounds.

This meeting is 8th Primary Care Ethics conference to be run by the GP & PHC Section and the Open Section at the RSM.

The day is suitable for all with a professional healthcare roles, including academics, educators, practitioners and patients.

As this is the 8th Primary Care Ethics Conference, the meeting will also be of interest to (and a networking opportunity for) those with an academic, educational or clinical interest in the ethics of primary healthcare.

Topics include:

  • The ethics of surviving and flourishing in the healthcare setting
  • Learn about a variety of moral and ethical support strategies, from self-reflection to attending conferences
  • Learn about moral distress, moral exploitation, and activism in the healthcare workplace
  • Learn about the potential for clinicians and patients having shared goals
  • How to access ethics support

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