Storytelling: For 3MT participants


We are pleased to announce that applications are now open for the 3 Minute Thesis Workshop & Competition which will take place in Hilary 2018. The Workshop programme is open to all who have previously attended a Storytelling Workshop with Robert Holtom and Polly Tisdall and will consist of a full day of advanced storytelling training, the opportunity for a one-to-one consultation and the opportunity to showcase your presenting skills at the 3 Minute Thesis competition on March 7th.

Building on and moving beyond the Introductory Storytelling workshop, the full day 3MT Workshop will introduce new practical exercises drawn from performance storytelling, creative writing and dramaturgy to enable you to turn your thesis into a compelling 3 minute presentation.

Inspired by The University of Queensland's Three Minute Thesis programme, our workshop day, one-to-one sessions and subsequent competition are designed to take your storytelling practice to the next level: giving you the opportunity to identify, craft, hone and present the fundamental narrative of your research. Crucially, the competition will enable you to test out your new skills on an audience.

We will look at:

  • What makes an award-winning 3M
  • How to identify and structure the compelling drama hidden in your research
  • Gripping openings and powerful endings
  • Working off-script
  • Owning your stage
  • Connecting with your audience

The tools we introduce will not only equip you for the 3MT competition but will also have applications for your lectures, presentations, articles, blogs and more.

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Digital Humanities
DPhil & Postdoctoral Researchers

Contact name: Dr Caroline Thurston
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Audience: Open to all