The Book of Fame

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An interdisciplinary workshop showcasing manuscripts, music, and artefacts from the Bodleian Library.

Georgian and Romantic celebrity culture was fundamentally connected with the consumption and collection of material objects. From intimate and personal items such as locks of hair, manuscript letters and baby toys; to printed ephemera, such material reflected and shaped the relationship between famous individuals and their fans. This workshop offers a chance to inspect a series of unique items from this period, presented by scholars from the Bodleian Library and Oxford University in relation to ideas of fame and celebrity which remain compelling today.

Dr Chris Fletcher (Keeper of Special Collections, Bodleian Library): Rattles and Other Relics: Collecting and Recollecting Shelley.
Dr Freya Johnston (English Faculty, Oxford): The Celebrated Jane Austen: Appearance and Performance in Volume the First.
Dr Ruth Scobie (TORCH, Oxford): Learning to Write with Captain Cook.
Dr David Kennerley (History Faculty, Oxford): ‘As sung by Miss Stephens’: Musical Scores, Performance and Celebrity in the Early Nineteenth Century.

Supported by Restoration to Reform: 1660- 1832, Bodleian Libraries, and The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities. For more information contact


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