The Future of the British Countryside: Food Production


Brexit has created an opportunity for new land and agriculture policies. Government proposes to phase out direct payments under the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) and replace them with a new system of paying farmers for delivering public goods – principally enhancing the environment. Agriculture occupies over 70% of land in the UK and has a major impact on the environment. The new system aims to arrest the decline in native species, the loss of productive soils and at enriching biodiversity.

This round-table discussion will explore the challenges and opportunities posted by land-use policies in post-Brexit Britain. 

This event celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Oxford Centre of the National Trust, and will be followed by a gala dinner at Linacre College (19.00 with pre-dinner drinks from 18.30).

Free entrance for the discussion at 5.30pm. 

All welcome to the gala dinner. Booking essential via the PDF booking form here by 7th September. Tickets: £50. 

For more information, please follow the link.

Image: 'Parc Farm on Great Orme, North Wales ©National Trust Images/Paul Harris'