The Medieval List

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Oxford Medieval Studies (OMS) Workshop

The Medieval List

Thursday 17 March (Week 9 HT16), 2.30-6.00

2.30 - Tea and coffee

3.00-4.20 - Presentations and discussion

4.20-4.40 - Tea and coffee

4.40-6 - Presentations and discussion

6.00 - Wine

Oxford Medieval Studies (OMS) launched as a Programme at TORCH in December. As part of its ongoing aim to encourage conversation and collaboration among the medievalists of Oxford across all their many faculties, OMS is organising the first in what is hoped will become a series of workshops for those across the University whose research deals with the culture and history of the Middle Ages, broadly understood. The workshop does not aim directly to produce a publication or other research output. Instead, the workshop will offer an informal environment for colleagues to share ideas about a theme or methodological question that will resonate across a range of historical and geographical specialisms, and in which scholars will be encouraged to reflect upon the insights or limitations of their own disciplinary perspective. But above all, the workshops are intended to foster collegiality among Oxford medievalists across faculties and colleges, through an interdisciplinary exchange that will help introduce them to the rich resources of expertise that exist across the University, laying the foundations for future collaborations.

The theme of the first OMS workshop is ‘The Medieval List’. Eight colleagues will bring material for discussion that relates to how information is atomised, organised, and presented in a range of contexts:

Anna Sapir Abulafia (Theology), ‘The List of Martyrs in the Nuremberg Memorbuch’

Julia Bray (Oriental Institute), ‘Ibn Ḥabīb's Books of Lists’

Daron Burrows (MML), ‘University College 100e: An English Way to Organise an Apocalypse’

Elizabeth Eva Leach (Music), ‘MS Douce 308 and the Limits of Lists’

Andy Orchard (English), ‘Making Sense of Senseless Lists in Old English Poetry’

Richard Sharpe (History), ‘A Medieval Library List’

Stephen Parkinson (MML/Linguistics), ‘Text and Paratext: The Tables of Contents of the Cantigas de Santa Maria

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