The Mystery of the St Mary's Hall Tapestry - Pulling the Threads Together

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The tapestry, woven in c.1500, is the jewel of Coventry's heritage and is of national, even international significance. Located on the the north wall of Coventry's magnificent medieval guildhall, it is the oldest tapestry in the country still hanging in the place for which it was designed and woven. Yet much about the tapestry is unknown or subject to interpretation. Who are the figures surrounding the central figures of Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou? Where was the tapestry woven? Who might have commissioned it? And what was the overall purpose?

For the first time all the acknowledged experts from different specialisms will gather in front of this magnificent tapestry to pull the different threads together and try to reveal its mysteries. Join David Starkey, Maria Hayward, Jonathan Foyle, Joanna Laynsmith, Kate Giles, Sean Cunningham and Fred Hepburn as they develop their verdicts in what promises to be a fascinating and potentially dramatic reveal of this overlooked masterpiece.

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