The Phenomenology of Radiology

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TORCH Oxford Phenomenology Network is hosting a seminar with Mindaugas Briedis (Mykolas Romeris University, Institute of Humanities) ‘The Phenomenology of Radiology'

The main goal of this seminar paper is to study radiological (Image-based) praxis in medical diagnostics using advanced methods of phenomenological research, and to apply its results to the improvement of radiologists’ self-knowledge, how they cope with imaging intuitions, and their overall management of differential diagnosis. Hence the goal is to carry out an in-depth phenomenological investigation of the experience of radiologists as they read and interpret radiographic images and then come to their judgments, which in turn grants a novel understanding of the dynamic, teleological constitution of both the diagnostic process (diagnostics) and judgment (diagnosis). On the other hand, this first person perspective of the research (direct reports and reflections on visual perception in diagnostic process) is correlated with and followed by a third person approach (experimental stimulation by visual displays, for example, in investigating the perception of causality via still images) which constitutes one way of naturalizing both static and genetic phenomenology.

Although I use actual medical data and vocabulary (radiograms and other) this paper is adapted for philosophers and psychologists more than physicians. Another disclaimer is that this research is essentially on phenomenological epistemology, not ethics or psychology.


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