The Practice of a University: A New Critical University Studies Collective

call for papers

This is an opportunity to join a new critical university studies group in Oxford. Facilitated by Madeleine Chalmers (DPhil, French) she is seeking co-conspirators to come and read, talk, and think with her, in a non-hierarchical and positive setting about what universities are for, how they should serve the public good – and how we can adapt our practice to help effect positive change. The agenda will be set as a group, based on members' interests, and any readings will be concise enough to read while the kettle boils. The collective is open to all, from undergraduates to senior academics, and those in administrative roles.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list, or have any other queries, please contact her ( with your name, faculty/department, research interests, and any particular themes/issues you would like to discuss.