There Are Two Sexes: On the Thought and Commitments of Antoinette Fouque

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There Are Two Sexes: On the Thought and Commitments of Antoinette Fouque, Professor Françoise Barret-Ducrocq (Université Paris-Diderot Sorbonne), Sylvina Boissonnas, Michèle Idels (Éditions des femmes)

This is part of the Gender, Literature and Culture seminar, a forum for developments in feminist/gender theory in its relation to literature and culture. Speakers and audience are cross - disciplinary in order to foster dialogue  among researchers and students across faculties.

All welcome!

Seminar Convenors:
Prof. Ros Ballaster, Dr Pelagia Goulimari, Dr Claudia Pazos Alonso


The Gender, Literature and Culture seminar is associated with the interdisciplinary M.St. in Women’s Studies, funded by the Faculties of Classics, English, and Medieval & Modern Languages and supported by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH).


Women in the Humanities

Audience: Open to all