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In Trinity Term the TORCH Fiction and Human Rights Network will host lunchtime seminars on the topic of Storytelling and the Law. Each seminar will bring together scholars from the Faculty of English and the Faculty of Law to discuss the narrative qualities of a notable legal speech or judgment. Short presentations by the speakers will be followed by questions and discussion. Those who are interested may wish to read the short texts to be discussed in advance of the seminars (links below), though knowledge of the cases is not necessary. Lunch and coffee will be provided.

This seminar will focus on Edward Carson’s opening speech for the defence in the famous case of Oscar Wilde v the Marquess of Queensberry. Discussion will be lead by Charles Foster (Law, Green Templeton), Peter McDonald (English, St Hugh’s), and Michèle Mendelssohn (English, Mansfield), and chaired by Michelle Kelly (English).

The transcription of Carson’s speech is available here:


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