War and Peace | Quotidian Responses

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War and Peace: Quotidian Responses

Reading Group 3

Part of TORCH Critical-Thinking Communities

This event is free and all are welcome. 


There are no pre-readings for this session. The convenors will circulate copies of three short primary texts to facilitate discussion on and around the theme.

This is a small, cohesive, and welcoming reading group interested in foregrounding a serious and sophisticated critique of war by revisiting twentieth-century responses to the increasing civilianization of military conflict from the ‘global south’ and aimed at facilitating interdisciplinary conversations within the humanities.


To join our mailing list or other queries, please contact any of the convenors:

Suchintan Das - DPhil candidate, Faculty of History (suchintan.das@merton.ox.ac.uk)

Urvi Khaitan - DPhil candidate, Faculty of History (urvi.khaitan@history.ox.ac.uk)

Madhurima Sen - DPhil candidate, Faculty of English (madhurima.sen@hertford.ox.ac.uk)


War and Peace: Twentieth-Century Responses from the Global South Project is part of the TORCH Critical-Thinking Communities