What is a Decolonial Curriculum?

Decolonial Curriculum

Decolonising the curriculum must mean more than simply including diverse texts. As Dalia Gebrial, one of the editors of the new book, Decolonising the University (Pluto Press, 2018) has written, any student and academic-led decolonisation movement must not only ‘rigorously understand and define its terms, but locate the university as just one node in a network of spaces where this kind of struggle must be engaged with. To do this […] is to enter the university space as a transformative force.’

Invited speakers:

Soapbox presentations

  • The Book of Memory, presented by Ethel Maqeda
  • Refugee tales, presented by Rachel Fox
  • The Logic of Analogy, presented by Elsa Gomis
  • Mine Boy, presented by Joe Shaughnessy
  • Envoy extraordinary, presented by Samraghni Bonnerjee
  • Rajmohan’s Wife, presented by Ushashi Dasgupta
  • Place in research, presented by Olivia Slater
  • Travels in the interior districts of Africa, presented by Arun Sood

If you can’t attend in person, you can jump on #TORCHsoapbox and let us know your thoughts and questions beforehand. There will be a graphic artist drawing the discussions, and both panels and the Soapbox presentations will be recorded and made available on the Oxford University Podcast site.

This event is fully booked but you can join the waiting list here