Who Chooses Who We Are? Tensions in Identity

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Who chooses who we are? 

Our identity is both that which is closest to us and the furthest from us: we not only vie for control of it with the world around us, but are also caught in the tension between self-authorship and self-revelation—are we what we choose to be, or is there a “fact of the matter” as to the meaning of “I” from which we cannot escape?

In this day conference we invite scholars and researchers from across the humanities, faculty and advanced graduates, to discuss theoretical and/or practical issues about ownership of, authority over, and normative demands upon, our own and others’ identities.


  • Dr Matt Bennett (Cambridge) 'Expressivism and Failing to be Oneself'
  • Rebecca De Souza (Oxford) 'Intersectionality as a Framework for Literary Analysis'
  • Harriet Fagerberg (KCL) 'Psychiatry and the Self in Light of Uncertainty'
  • Eleanor Lischka (Oxford) 'Poète Manqué? Poetic Identity and Genre Subversion in Marcel Proust'
  • Dr Maryyum Mehmood (SOAS) 'Exploring the Agency of Milennial Muslims in Western Media'
  • Alessia Pannese (Oxford) 'Sense to Self: a case study'
  • Dr Anupama Ranawana (Brookes) '"E-Buddhists": Facebook and 'Selves'-Authorship'
  • Dr Anders Sandberg (Oxford) 'Post-Human Designs: The Crafted Human Body and the Exoself'

Organisers: Dr Dafydd Mills Daniel & Alexander Dowding

The event is free to attend and fully catered. To register, please email identities.conference@torch.ox.ac.uk by 15 January 2019.

Humanities & Identities

Audience: Open to all