X&Y at the Oxford Playhouse

Aerial photo of four pairs of hands using different handheld smart devices

It’s not often you see an eminent Oxford professor reduced to zero on stage and then stuffed into a bag. But this is exactly what happens to Marcus du Sautoy, Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science, in his role as X in X&Y.

For one night only! The Oxford Playhouse brings you a chance to see the play X&Y devised by mathematician Marcus du Sautoy and actress Victoria Gould and directed by Dermot Keaney. Previously staged at the Science Museum in London and Glastonbury Festival this is a chance to catch a new version of this unique fusion of maths and theatre.

In their show Marcus and Victoria combine physical theatre with mathematical ideas to explore the known and unknown reaches of the universe, creating what one audience described as a bit like “Waiting for Godel”. As another commented: “Never knew maths could be so funny”. Complicite’s Simon McBurney (starring in The Encounter at the Barbican) tweeted after seeing the show:

Highly recommend Marcus du Sautoy and Victoria Gould in X&Y.

19:30 14 April Oxford Playhouse
Tickets are no longer available to purchase.


Humanities & Science

Audience: Open to all